sexta-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2012

No more

Take this kiss upon your hand
Put my arms around you
let's  pretend, for a little while
That you can understand
this deep secret nobody knows...

In a nigth or in your eyes
I can feel this sweet fantasy
Here, in my dreams
You're never less than beautiful
never less than perfect
and suddenly I see that I can breathe again
deeply into the forest

I almost forgot
all the times I've cried,
sleeping in your arms...

Long walks at night
fighting with myself
trying  to cut this feelings so deep
but then I just stood there
lying next to you
looking to the blood
slipping into my fingertips
thinking: "Be brave!Start over again!"

I'm  just an inner indecisiveness
a little red star in the whole universe,
a little spark of glittering emerald,
trying to fight off.
So kiss me hard ready before 
everything just turns into ashes

domingo, 2 de dezembro de 2012

i'm you

Oh, how I feel you in every breath
you're the sorrow flying like a bird
Still I found myself shivering in your moon arms

If in the darkness I found you
Is because we're the same
We went through hard times
But together those memories
are vanishing

the dust of your sorrows remains
Such a fragile love is growing
in our suffering...
So real, so pure... i'm you!

(In collaboration with Nuno Ferreira,vocalist of Thorns Of Asylum, 
more information about the band:

sábado, 24 de novembro de 2012

Lately, I’ve been trying too hard
To keep myself alive
I've been down in this road before
feeling this misery for too long.

Don’t say goodbye
Don't broke my heart
I've been breathing in
and breathing out
but there is no air between
lonely crying nights...

Honey, yours lips were so smooth
like sweet peaches
That's the way  love should be
Feeling the sea breeze,
holding hands and talk ‘til dark.

I'm with you!
there's only peace in my mind
every moment
every silence
whispering for ever...

domingo, 28 de outubro de 2012

Blue eyes

Your eyes blue velvet
dying in this darkeness.
From the stars,
come this sweet sadness
of not knowing who we are...

Kiss me deadly before you go
Bloody lips, dancing tongue
I feel in the air your scent,
Sweet misery,don't fade away....

Come on little bird
soul of my soul
let's fly away
let's fly away, love!

There is no shelter from the rain,
We're lost and so afraid
Nothing can save this tears from falling
and breaking our hearts
nothing is real anymore


segunda-feira, 22 de outubro de 2012

Not long ago but far away
Everything here was so Dark
Your lips whispered
winds of sorrow...

This life it's a dream 
of another existence.
Darling, can you hear my sword
Ripping your veins?

I'm a lost forgotten soul
Crawling in the dungeons
Into the void of death.

My hands are cruel 
They will hunt you
in the forest of fire
Slowly drifting 
into the skies  

The stench intensifies
Darkness hate 
Rage my heart
chaos and hate
For ever and ever

sábado, 13 de outubro de 2012


I'll see you dying in my dreams
Crawling in the dungeon of my dreams
Breaking waves announce your death
You're my dearest mystery 
Hearing the howling of my soul
as the moon falls into black
and the wolves are waiting
in the forest...

From the fog came the fear
whispers of loneliness
raising form below
we are mute villains
eating of love as ravening wolves.

Your cold skin have awakened me
The wild winds of your soul
welcoming me into my dream
this is the only way to remember.

O vento uivante,
nas colinas apenas nós
Pesadelo eterno ergue-se
Orgulhosamente inerte.
For all the eternities we'll still moan
in the dungeon of my dreams...

domingo, 7 de outubro de 2012


All of my memories are fading 
Every time I imagine you here
Reminds me again that 
My love is frozen

I cannot cry it loud enough
Until my last whisper
You'll never feel
all this misery left behind

Your words are killing me
Without a sound I scream
Can you hear all the memories
Inside burning
My love it's vanishing
into silences I cannot save
My world is nothing but sadness
The rapture of grief is all I can find
The rapture of grief is all!

sábado, 6 de outubro de 2012

Goodbye kiss

Nothing I say nothing
can stop me from
jumping off'a bridges
'cause I just wanna fly
and be myself tonigth.

Honey, this girl will be a woman soon
kiss me 'cause I don't wanna be blue
You know we're born to die young
living in misery for too long.

No words can save me.
This warm tears are falling,
sweet heart, you broke me.

It never felt so strange
to lose someone
someone like you...

Nothing I say nothing
can stop me from
hurting myself tonight.


Kissing the dead sister

My feelings starts to melt
Warm tears falling down
to my breasts.
My soul never felt so back
As the night falls deep 
and the shadows appear.

Kissing the dead sister
I can feel the snow 
covering my body
as I lay dying
This eerie cool breeze
is passing by...

Touch me dead sister 
bring me the black sunset
Grab my hand speak softly to me
let all this suffering ends
all the love left in my heart
has died with him
all my dreams are fading
into the darkness of dead.

quarta-feira, 26 de setembro de 2012

In the dungeon, my soul rests.
My eyes filled with tears.
Preachers of sweet lies,
Preachers of misery,
Preachers of decadence...

Anger growing in my feet
Choking my soul
This isn't a nightmare
It's love...

My mind don't give me any peace.
I hear the echoes of your voice,
crawling under my skin.
I feel my bones breaking down,
and my eyes can't no longer see...

Quietly lying in the darkness
My shivered bones
Little heart started to break
This love was born to die

segunda-feira, 24 de setembro de 2012

Esquecer que a vida
é um pesadelo e que um dia vamos acordar
quando a morte chegar.

Tentar ser forte não é possível
os cadáveres bóiam nas águas profundas
do meu ser.

Toda esta dor não é diferente daquela que antes pairava
entre o arvoredo...

como quem morre mas não chega a partir
como quem destruí a maldade que brota
da injustiça que consume todos os pássaros.

A alegria já não tem mais lugar.

Na escuridão do meu corpo
é impossível manter a calma e a força
pouco a pouco vou destruindo
cada pestanejar
cada instante...

segunda-feira, 16 de julho de 2012


A fading blue instant I look
it's so easy to breathe your essence inside of me
above us a empty sky colored in black
and words sound like velvet.

I can see behind your eyes
a dreaming moonflower has died
lost in this painful feeling of emptiness

in a instant, disorder in my heart
for the pain that's yet to come
in this no predicted paradise

a fading blue instant I felt
your fingertips touching my lips
under us this feeling of belonging

I wish I could inhale the unspoken words
and drown in their emptiness
Holding this moment for ever more.

terça-feira, 15 de maio de 2012

Soul, my soul

I call your name upon the mountains
Every time I close my eyes and see your evil face
the skies fade to black and blood rains from above.
I am lost in a silent void
why have you abandoned me?

Inside of my gloomy heart a dark flame burns
The cold moon is rising, over my empire of shadows
as nightfall closes in I know the time has come
To end this empty life, soon I’ll be free, free

Soul, my soul shall be immortal
Come and take my life
all this misery I feel inside...

Look deeply in my eyes, as life fades away.
The tears have tamed me
where do I go
where do I go from here?
Everything is so empty
I must end this suffering,
dark angel from below
Bring freedom to my soul!!!

I say your name to the fierce winds
Deep inside, I feel your pulse
To silence this pain I must die

Soul, my soul shall be immortal
Come and take my life
All this misery I feel inside...

For my heart it is too late
For my heart it is too late
For my heart it is too late

Soul, my soul shall be immortal
Come and take my life
All this misery I feel inside...

segunda-feira, 23 de abril de 2012

O corpo é a tua ausência

A tua ausência é o tempo
olhos presos na montanha
não me arrependo das vezes que me perdi
por entre as mãos e as palavras nunca antes faladas
Subitamente os sentimentos transformam-se em nódoas de sangue

Choro, porque só as lágrimas podem expressar
a agonia entre a escuridão. num desatino murros
contra o ar. eu  disse amo-te

Disse que tinha medo. lancei ao chão a raiva
os dias já não existem só a distância

Animais mortos, dissecados, degolados,
desmembrados, decapitados, esquartejados,
massacrados. vagueiam por entre as esquinas
o sangue escorre entre os dedos à noite

o meu corpo é a tua ausência.