domingo, 28 de outubro de 2012

Blue eyes

Your eyes blue velvet
dying in this darkeness.
From the stars,
come this sweet sadness
of not knowing who we are...

Kiss me deadly before you go
Bloody lips, dancing tongue
I feel in the air your scent,
Sweet misery,don't fade away....

Come on little bird
soul of my soul
let's fly away
let's fly away, love!

There is no shelter from the rain,
We're lost and so afraid
Nothing can save this tears from falling
and breaking our hearts
nothing is real anymore


segunda-feira, 22 de outubro de 2012

Not long ago but far away
Everything here was so Dark
Your lips whispered
winds of sorrow...

This life it's a dream 
of another existence.
Darling, can you hear my sword
Ripping your veins?

I'm a lost forgotten soul
Crawling in the dungeons
Into the void of death.

My hands are cruel 
They will hunt you
in the forest of fire
Slowly drifting 
into the skies  

The stench intensifies
Darkness hate 
Rage my heart
chaos and hate
For ever and ever

sábado, 13 de outubro de 2012


I'll see you dying in my dreams
Crawling in the dungeon of my dreams
Breaking waves announce your death
You're my dearest mystery 
Hearing the howling of my soul
as the moon falls into black
and the wolves are waiting
in the forest...

From the fog came the fear
whispers of loneliness
raising form below
we are mute villains
eating of love as ravening wolves.

Your cold skin have awakened me
The wild winds of your soul
welcoming me into my dream
this is the only way to remember.

O vento uivante,
nas colinas apenas nós
Pesadelo eterno ergue-se
Orgulhosamente inerte.
For all the eternities we'll still moan
in the dungeon of my dreams...

domingo, 7 de outubro de 2012


All of my memories are fading 
Every time I imagine you here
Reminds me again that 
My love is frozen

I cannot cry it loud enough
Until my last whisper
You'll never feel
all this misery left behind

Your words are killing me
Without a sound I scream
Can you hear all the memories
Inside burning
My love it's vanishing
into silences I cannot save
My world is nothing but sadness
The rapture of grief is all I can find
The rapture of grief is all!

sábado, 6 de outubro de 2012

Goodbye kiss

Nothing I say nothing
can stop me from
jumping off'a bridges
'cause I just wanna fly
and be myself tonigth.

Honey, this girl will be a woman soon
kiss me 'cause I don't wanna be blue
You know we're born to die young
living in misery for too long.

No words can save me.
This warm tears are falling,
sweet heart, you broke me.

It never felt so strange
to lose someone
someone like you...

Nothing I say nothing
can stop me from
hurting myself tonight.


Kissing the dead sister

My feelings starts to melt
Warm tears falling down
to my breasts.
My soul never felt so back
As the night falls deep 
and the shadows appear.

Kissing the dead sister
I can feel the snow 
covering my body
as I lay dying
This eerie cool breeze
is passing by...

Touch me dead sister 
bring me the black sunset
Grab my hand speak softly to me
let all this suffering ends
all the love left in my heart
has died with him
all my dreams are fading
into the darkness of dead.