sexta-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2012

No more

Take this kiss upon your hand
Put my arms around you
let's  pretend, for a little while
That you can understand
this deep secret nobody knows...

In a nigth or in your eyes
I can feel this sweet fantasy
Here, in my dreams
You're never less than beautiful
never less than perfect
and suddenly I see that I can breathe again
deeply into the forest

I almost forgot
all the times I've cried,
sleeping in your arms...

Long walks at night
fighting with myself
trying  to cut this feelings so deep
but then I just stood there
lying next to you
looking to the blood
slipping into my fingertips
thinking: "Be brave!Start over again!"

I'm  just an inner indecisiveness
a little red star in the whole universe,
a little spark of glittering emerald,
trying to fight off.
So kiss me hard ready before 
everything just turns into ashes

domingo, 2 de dezembro de 2012

i'm you

Oh, how I feel you in every breath
you're the sorrow flying like a bird
Still I found myself shivering in your moon arms

If in the darkness I found you
Is because we're the same
We went through hard times
But together those memories
are vanishing

the dust of your sorrows remains
Such a fragile love is growing
in our suffering...
So real, so pure... i'm you!

(In collaboration with Nuno Ferreira,vocalist of Thorns Of Asylum, 
more information about the band: