Don't cry sweet child, just jump.
Blind eyes can't blaze
in the wind you crunch,
but you just want to fly
in the darkness of the skies.

Honey, I know they give you pills,
while you're drinking your coke and jack.
They promised you they wouldn't  leave you.
but now they're gone.

You're losing the smile that you've been faking
But now you see
The love is lost, baby, you're blind.

Take a chance,you're drifting in the air, 
Why are you crying? How scary is to be alive?
Sad, sad, tears are falling...
and how selfish the world can be!?

Innocent heart you're not worth a thing
Please make it stop for a while,
this fight between you and me.

Finally you can feel, just feel
the knife cutting so deep!
No one can't hurt you anymore.


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