black velvet

Man with black velvet skin
I see you in my dreams
crawling under the fear
diving in my flesh and bones
while I scream in agony
wondering if your kiss
is just a sweet fantasy...

Black velvet skin
your touch is magical
you know, you know, you know
we are waves born to take
everything in our way.

Velvet skin
I stay in your sense
even if you don't believe
I am up here looking at you,
it's true.
I can see right through you
and feel that this dream is our destiny
filled with ocean drops

Neither time can frame the pain
that grows between waters
our thoughts  are floating in the light
they unveil the fears
the screams, the fights
and all the hours that we've looked at
each other eyes understanding the deep
connection that goes beyond all that.

Man with black velvet skin
I can't frame the love 
or understated it... but is never to late
to stay in your arms cause I can't escape


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